Superior Doors is proud to have supplied New Zealanders with diverse ranges of innovative, hight quality products for 25 years.


The competitive landscape in New Zealand has changed greatly over the years, with heavy competition from large overseas companies slowly eroding the market for Kiwi products and kiwi companies.  For Superior doors, the solution has been to stick to our original concept and create a superior product through the use of higher quality materials and constant innovations.


Superior Doors was the first and only door company to offer polystyrene cores as standard, offering much higher strength and integrity, while also providing enhanced thermal and acoustic properties over standard honeycomb hollow core.  We were also the first door company to  manufacture doors with steel inserts, offering doors considerably more resistant to harsh and variable environments.


Ultimately the differences are simple,  higher quality components, continued design and production innovation and greater attention to detail = Superior Doors.

The Superior Difference



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