Skin Thickness Options and UV Priming

Skin Options

At Superior Doors we offer a range of skin thicknesses to suit most situations and needs.  Thicker door skins increase strength and durability,  allow for deeper more substantial grooving and reduce component show through for a flatter higher quality finish.

UV Pre Primed Skins

The use of UV primer represent additional benefits to the home owner and the environment they live in.  UV primer is both moisture and solvent resistant, harder and more scratch resistant and offers greater fire resistance than normal door priming solutions.  In addition to its general resistance it is also formulated to offer optimal adhesion for all main stream finishing coats.


UV primer is also solvent, formaldehyde and V.O.C ( Volatile Organic Compounds ) free.  The coating process is energy efficient unlike the heat drying processes used to evaporate water based solutions.  UV primer can also be disposed of without additional processing via landfill, incineration or recycled into pulp

The Superior Difference



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