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The Superior Doors RibCore hollow core interior door range represents industry leading strength and durability with a focus on innovation and attention to detail to produce a truly Superior Door. They are thicker, stronger, offer better impact resistance, greater thermal insulation and are more durable than any other standard hollow core door on the market.


Our standard RibCore achieves about 42% glue adhesion between the core and the door skin while cheaper traditional honey comb paper core used by most other manufacturers has about 4% glued contact between door skin and core. Add together the additional strength obtained using thicker and wider timber and the fact that RibCore has more than 10 times glued adhesion between skin and core and you have one very superior internal door. What this means is simple, a strong door that can easily absorb what life throws at it without popping, bending or bowing. That's what makes a Superior Door, superior.

Standard Cores Comparison

Hover over the plus signs to experience the difference in glue contact area between Superior Doors standard RibCore™ or Solid EPS Core and other traditional Honeycomb Paper Core doors. Greater glue contact equals a stronger more resilient door that won't de-laminate after impact.

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